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3D Wall Panels™ are an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D wall panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost. Learn more about 3D wall panels and their applications on the video.

Feature walls for interiors and outdoors

Interior designers believe that rooms should have a central focal point of interest, from which all other elements flow. A feature wall in 3D wall panels is an easy way to achieve this.

Widely used in both commercial and residential interiors, the panels can also be used outside when manufactured in waterproof polymer, an exciting alternative for decorating alfresco areas.

Easy interior decoration saving thousands of dollars

3D wall panels™ can turn ordinary interiors into spectacular and dramatic spaces, instantly. No need to buy expensive artworks and furniture when the dramatic, sculpted wall panels are the main feature.

Be inspired by the many combinations of designs and finishes available, allowing you to create your own distinctive wall décor.

From feature walls to furniture

Apart from creating a unique style of wall paneling, 3D panels can be crafted into furniture such as doors on entertainment units and small cabinets (in 25mm thickness). They make stunning bar and reception desk fronts, bed heads and more.

Australian made and delivered Australia wide, 3D wall panels are the WOW factor you’ve been looking for.


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