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Factory at 80 Redfern St Wetherill Park

Our passion is to help people create stunning feature walls for their home or business, that allows them to express their personality or brand through their choice of pattern, colour and finish.

The birth of 3D Wall Panels™

3D wall panels started as an exciting idea in 2008. We set about developing a range of three dimensionally patterned wall panels that turn plain old boring walls into spectacular features.
It was originally just a seed of thought, nurtured into life through the support of our earlier established business, Sydney Doors which we started in 1998. Sydney Doors is a manufacturer of kitchen and wardrobe doors, so please visit www.sydneydoors.com.au or call (02) 9725 4444 if your kitchen or wardrobe needs a makeover.

Proudly Australian made and owned

3D Wall Panels™ is a proudly Australian owned business. We manufacture the panels in our Sydney factory using quality Australian made material, delivering throughout Australia and supporting the economy at the same time.

Get the WOW factor without breaking the bank

We find that our panels do a good job of selling themselves as they are a natural crowd pleaser. Unlike a lot of companies, we grow our business by word of mouth and via the website, which is very well ranked (number 1 for the keywords: wall panels). We don’t have long boozy lunches with potential clients to drum up business. We don’t do a lot of expensive advertising in glossy magazines, which all means that you can buy the panels at a reasonable price as they don’t have to support a lot of overheads.


3D Wall Panels™ is lucky to be featured on the sets of some of Australia’s favourite TV shows such as: The Today Show, The Footy Show, Australia’s Top Model, previously on Mornings with Kerri Anne and others. This originally came about because we gave our support to the show Domestic Blitz and got noticed in the process.

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