3D wall panels™ come in a range of exciting finishes

Live your life in 3D

The greatest 3D effect will be achieved when the wall panels are well lit and finished in a light colour. Using darker colours will produce a much more subtle effect, which may well be the desired aim; it just depends on the atmosphere you would like to create.

Interior panels are available raw or in a variety of finishes. Outdoor panels are supplied raw only for finishing after installation as they are slightly flexible.

Raw Finish

Interior panels can be supplied raw for you or your painter to finish. For DIY painting, an MDF primer is recommended, followed by 2 coats of acrylic paint, applied as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, with sanding between coats.

Key features:

  • Unlimited colour choice. Panels can be painted to match your decor
  • Easy installation. Simply screw to the wall (studs), putty the screw holes, sand and paint.
  • Short lead time approximately 5 working days
  • Cost effective
Raw Finish

Vinyl Finish

A decorative layer of vinyl is pressed onto the face of the panel giving it a durable surface and great visual appeal. Maximum panel size for this finish is 2400mm x 1200.

Key features:

  • A large range of whites and neutral, earthy colours, metallics and wood grains in satin or high gloss finishes
  • Hard wearing and scratch resistant
  • Concealed fixing using aluminium mounting brackets available f...
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Vinyl Finish Thumb

Polyurethane Painted

Polyurethane paint provides a beautiful, lustrous finish which can be applied by your local spray painter or ours.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited colour selection in satin, matt or high gloss finish
  • Specialised finishes such as metallic and pearlescent
  • Attractive and durable finish
  • Concealed fixing using mounting brackets* available from 3D Wall Panels (*S...
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Outdoor Panels

Key Features:

  • Raw finish Panels are 2400 x 1200mm x 18mm and supplied raw only for painting on site after installation. We can also cut the panels to smaller sizes if required.
  • Slightly flexible and can be bent. We recommend the panels are painted after installation as they are slightly flexible. Fixing to a frame or painting on all sides will minimise bowing.
  • Light colours of fi...
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