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  • Panel size Standard panel size is 2400 x 1200mm and we can cut them to a smaller size if required.
  • Finishes The panels are supplied raw for painting on site after installation as they are slightly flexible. They can be painted in an oil or water based exterior paint with best results achieved by the use of a suitable primer prior to finishing.
  • For a rustic finish, a textured or sandstone type of paint may be applied and this may eliminate the need for sanding. Otherwise a 180-220 grade of sand paper is recommended. To reduce the possibility of warping, paint should be applied to all sides of the panel.
  • Installation When used as wall panelling, polymer panels must be glued and either nailed or screwed at intervals of 450mm centres onto a flat wall. Optimum results are achieved when used with sealing adhesives and joint fillers suitable for PVC with a polyurethane base. Can be heat welded using standard PVC heat holding equipment for applications where continuous butt joints or corner joints are required. 3D wall panels are not suitable to be used as external cladding.
  • Material expansion As a thermoplastic polymer, the material may expand and contract in a way similar to timber when exposed to continuous sunlight and high temperatures. This effect can be more on pronounced on darker coloured panels. Use adequate fixings to a wall that allows for thermal expansion.
  • Care and Safety Standard safety precautions should be observed when working with polymer panels including eye protection and dust masks. Do not use Toluene (thinners) or petroleum based solvents. Clean only with water based detergents.
  • NOTE Polymer panels have the potential to be used in a variety of innovative applications, and as such, fitness for purpose in specific applications is the responsibility of the customer. The standard white of polymer panels may vary from batch to batch.


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