• Are the panels suitable for interiors as well as outdoors?

    Panels are made from moisture-resistant MDF for indoor use and waterproof polymer for outdoors. When ordering, please specify which material you require.

  • What is the cost of the panels?

    Retail prices for raw, full sized panels are shown on the website. Wholesale prices for raw, full sized panels will be calculated through the wholesale login for customers who qualify as wholesalers. Delivery is additional and the cost will be calculated at the check out. Prices for painted panels or raw panels cut to custom size(s) will be emailed to you on completion of the Quick Quote Form.

  • What size and thickness are the panels?

    Interior MDF panels come in 3 different sizes: 2400mm x 1200mm, 2700mm x 1200mm or 3600mm x 1200mm. Outdoor polymer panels come in 1 size only: 2400mm x 1200mm.

    The majority of the designs are machined from 18mm thick material. Some designs such as Logs, Braids, Florets which are machined from 25mm material and Concertina from 32mm. Outdoor polymer panels can only be made in designs machined in 18mm thickness.

  • Can panels be cut to required sizes?

    Yes, panels can be cut to your nominated size(s). Please specify these on the Quick Quote Form. The cost per cut is $15 inc GST. Note that the panel pattern may not align if you join cut edges together.

  • What are the panels made of?

    Indoors: 3D wall panels interior panels are made from Australian made E0 moisture-resistant (MR) medium density fibreboard (MDF) with a white melamine back and a raw face, ready for painting (by yourself or us).
    We use Laminex® Lamiwood E0 from their Greenfirst™ range; an environmentally preferable option for interior spaces or Borgs 18mm polymer board for outdoor spaces. All fibre sources originate from plantation forests of Australia with the vast majority being from softwood plantation and sawmill residue. Materials are subject to availability.

    Outdoors: 18mm polymer is waterproof, lightweight, self-extinguishing, mould and pest resistant. These panels are supplied in a raw finish ready for painting in a variety of acrylic or oil-based paints after the installation as this material is flexible. The best results are achieved by the use of a suitable primer prior to finishing. A textured or sandstone type of paint may be applied if you wish to avoid sanding the panels. Otherwise, a 180-220 grade of sandpaper is recommended. To reduce the possibility of warping, paint should be applied to all sides of the panel. The material may expand and contract slightly in a way similar to timber.

  • What finishes are available on the panels?

    Both indoor and outdoor panels can be supplied in a raw finish, ready to be installed, primed and painted by yourself or your painter. Indoor panels can also be supplied in a primed finish or complete in a polyurethane painted finish.

  • Do you have a colour chart?

    No, however 3D Wall Panels can colour match to any large Australian paint brand such as Dulux, Taubmans, etc. You will need to provide the paint brand, paint colour name, and gloss level eg. matt, satin or high gloss. Satin is currently the most popular finish.

  • Do you measure and install the panels?

    3D Wall Panels are a manufacturer and we do not measure or install panels. If you need assistance installing your panels, you can contact us for an installers list in your state. For more information on installation, please refer to the installation guide.
    If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9725 4222 or via email:

  • How are the panels mounted to the wall?

    If ordered raw, the panels can be screwed directly to the walls, the screw holes puttied, then sanded and painted. If ordered in a polyurethane painted finish, the panels can be mounted with aluminium Z-brackets or split battens. We can supply 5mm thick x 2mm long aluminium Z brackets. Note: allow at least 20mm clearance for our Z brackets.

    See the installation guide for more details.

  • What are Z Brackets?

    Z-brackets are used to mount painted panels onto the wall. Please refer to the installation guide for more information.

  • How are the panels joined?

    Full-sized panels can run continuously along the wall and are butt-joined. Please be aware that if panels are cut in between joins, the pattern may not align.

  • What do the panels weigh?

    Indoor panels will vary in weight depending on design and panel size. Weights will vary from 24kgs – 54kgs.

    Outdoor panels average around 15kg per 2400mm x 1200mm sheet.

  • What is the lead time on the panels?

    For a current approximate lead time, it is best to give our office a call as this is constantly changing.

  • Do you custom make designs?

    If you see have a design that is not part of our range, please feel free to send a DXF file or photo to to discuss further. We love to bring your creations to life, however, there may be a programming charge, depending on the complexity of the design.

  • Do you have a showroom?

    Our showroom is located at 80 Redfern St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164. It is open to the general public and trade. No appointments are necessary, however, check our website for opening days and hours.

  • Do you supply anywhere around Australia?

    Our office and factory is based in Sydney however we deliver our panels Australia wide.

  • Do you have an office or sales reps outside of Sydney?

    We do not have an office or sales reps outside of Sydney. Our office and factory is based in Sydney however we deliver our panels Australia wide.

  • Can I paint the panels myself?

    You can explore your creativity by painting your panels yourself. Just buy raw panels from us and you can add your own WOW factor.

  • How do I order the panels?

    If purchasing raw, full-sized panels, this process can be completed online through the online shop.

    If purchasing cut to size raw panels or painted panels, please fill out the Quick Quote Form.

  • What is the pattern orientation?

    Most designs can be ordered in vertical or horizontal pattern orientation. Check the sketches on the Pattern Orientation sheet and choose orientation “A” or “B” accordingly. Patterns align all sides on 2400 x 1200mm panels but on the long sides only of 2700 x 1200mm and 3600 x 1200mm panels

  • Do you provide samples?

    3D Wall Panels provide raw samples of designs. The sample board is usually 25cm x 25cm in size. If you would like samples, please email us the design name(s), your name, phone number, and delivery address. Usually, up to 5 samples will fit in a courier bag. Please do not provide a P.O. box as we use a courier.

  • Can we pick up panels ourselves or organise our own freight?

    Sydney metro pick-ups: You may pick up panels from our Wetherill Park factory but you will need to have suitable transport and packing materials as the panels are not packaged. Note: All risk is passed to you upon despatch from our factory.

    Interstate pick-ups: You can also organise your own freight company if shipping outside of the Sydney metro area, however, crate and packaging are required which will be $110 plus GST. Note: All risk is passed to you upon despatch from our factory if no transit insurance is included on the invoice.


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