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Interior panels: Base Material

Material and thickness:

3D wall panels interior panels are made from Australian made 18mm (25mm or 32mm depending on the design) E0 moisture resistant (MR) medium density fibreboard (MDF) with a white melamine back and a raw face, ready for painting (by yourself or us).

We use Laminex® Lamiwood E0 from their Greenfirst™ range or Borg’s E0 Customwood which is produced to meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 1859.2:2004 – Fibreboard, and is also independently tested and accredited by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia (EWPAA). Borg’s Customwood is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine and is AFS chain of custody certified. Customwood has also achieved AS 4707:2006 Chain-of-Custody certification to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS / 01-31-145).

Borg’s Formaldehyde emissions meet the E1 standard of <1.0 mg/L when tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4266.16:2004 – test method 16. Click here for Formaldehyde statements

Borg’s Green Star environmental ratings – both E1 and E0 Customwood are eligible to earn points under the Indoor Environment Quality section of the Green Star Office Interiors program.  Click here to access a declaration that can be used for Green Star audit purposes.


All fibre sources originate from plantation forests with the vast majority being from softwood plantation and sawmill residue. Materials are subject to availability.

Lead times:

For a current approximate lead time, it is best to give our office a call as this is constantly changing.

Why professional designers use 3D Wall Panels interior wall panels

  • We use either Laminex® Greenfirst™ E0 MR MDF or Polytec Greentag certified Customwood E0 MR MDF for our interior panels. Our use of these certified products helps improve indoor air quality and helps preserve our natural forests.
  • Green Star Credits: The use of these materials may also contribute to Green Star Credits from the Green Building Council of Australia.
  • Strong and durable
  • Cost effective

Outdoor panels: Base Material

Material and thickness: 18mm polymer is waterproof, light weight, self extinguishing, mould and pest resistant.

These panels are supplied in a raw finish ready for painting in a variety of acrylic or oil based paints after installation as this material is flexible. The best results are achieved by the use of a suitable primer prior to finishing. A textured or sandstone type of paint may be applied if you wish to avoid sanding the panels. Otherwise a 180-220 grade of sand paper is recommended. To reduce the possibility of warping, paint should be applied to all sides of the panel. The material may expand and contract slightly in a way similar to timber.

Lead times:

For a current approximate lead time, it is best to give our office a call as this is constantly changing.

Why professional designers use 3D Wall Panels outdoor wall panels

  • Waterproof, mould resistant
  • Non-corrosive, alkaline and acid resistant
  • Light weight yet strong
  • Can be drilled and screwed to an existing wall

3D Wall Panels – Specifications and features

  • Prices for raw MDF interior panels: Retail prices: 2400 x 1200mm $274, 2700 x 1200mm $345, 3600 x 1200mm $494 per interior panel including GST in 18mm thickness. Wholesale prices: 2400 x 1200mm $249, 2700 x 1200mm $286, 3600 x 1200mm $435 per interior panel ex GST in 18mm thickness. For 25mm thickness, add $33 per 2400mm panel, $44 per 2700mm panel and $66 per 3600mm panel plus GST. For 32mm thickness add $55 per 2400mm panel, $77 per 2700 or 3600mm panel. Note the 2700 and 3600mm in 32mm thickness are raw finish on both sides. Fill in our quote form for panels cut to your specific sizes or for panels painted in a polyurethane finish.
  • Prices for raw polymer exterior panels: Retail price: 2400 x 1200mm $385 including GST. Wholesale price: 2400 x 1200mm $319 ex GST. Polymer panels come in one size and 18mm thickness only.
  • Courier fees for samples: Samples are free, however courier fees are $10 for 1 sample, $15 for 2-3 samples or $20 for 4-6 samples. Sample size is approximately 240 x 240mm.
  • Standard panel sizes are 2400 x 1200mm, 2700mm x 1200mm and 3600 x 1200mm (interior material only). We can cut panels down to your required sizes. (Note that the pattern may not align on cut down panels if joining them.)
  • Material thickness: On most designs, the base interior material thickness is 18mm before the pattern is machined into the face. Some designs such as Braids, Logs etc are machined from 25mm thickness and Concertina from 32mm. After machining, the thickness will vary over the panel depending on the design and can be between 6mm and 18mm (or 25mm or 32mm) thick. To make cabinet doors with the panels, 25mm thickness must be requested when ordering. Note, not all designs are suitable to be made into doors as the panels may bow to varying degrees due to the machining of the pattern on one side of the panels. Also the design may not align well at the door edges. Contact us to discuss which designs are suitable for your door sizes. Base thickness of polymer panels is 18mm thick before machining.
  • Pattern orientation and alignment: Most designs can be ordered in vertical or horizontal pattern orientation. Refer to our Pattern Orientation sheet to choose orientation “A” or “B”. Patterns align all sides of 2400 x 1200mm panels but on the long sides only on 2700 x 1200mm and 3600 x 1200mm panels. View Options
  • Panel weight: in MDF panels weigh an average of 30-40kg each. Polymer panels weigh an average of 11-15kg each.
  • Finishes:
    • Raw: unfinished, ready to paint (interior or exterior panels)
    • Primed: unfinished in primer, the panel is lightly sanded and ready to paint (interior panels)
    • Polyurethane (2 pack) painted in plain colours in matt, satin, semi gloss or high gloss finish (interior panels)
  • Installation: If ordered raw, panels can be screwed (and glued if preferred) directly to the walls, screw holes puttied, then sanded and painted. If ordered finished, the panels can be mounted with aluminium brackets or split battens. We can supply 5mm thick x 2mt long aluminium mounting brackets. See Installation guide for more details. Note: allow at least 20mm clearance for our Z brackets.
  • Short lead/delivery times: For a current approximate production lead time, it is best to give our office a call as this is constantly changing. Delivery times are additional to lead time and can vary from 2 working days to Sydney or Melbourne metro area to 10 working days depending on where in Australia they are to be delivered.
  • Custom Designs: We may be able to program and make a custom design. Simply forward your .DXF format drawing or photo to us and we will contact you to discuss the possibility and cost.
  • Delivery: We deliver Australia wide. If your delivery address is not within the Sydney metropolitan area, contact us for a crate and freight estimate.
  • We supply only: We manufacture but we don’t install. Contact your local shopfitter or we can supply the contact details of people who have previously installed 3D wall panels in your area.

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